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Around The Clock MD is enhancing the services it has been providing for many years to assist businesses in keeping their employees healthy and productive. Their program focuses on constant communication with the employer to return the injured employee back to work safely and as quickly as possible. The end result is decreased employer expenses and increased employee productivity and morale. Our Occupational Medicine Program:

Our administrative staff collects and disseminates information to employers, insurance carriers, specialists and third party administrators in a prompt and logical fashion. Our providers are well versed in the art of discerning valid work injuries from non-work injuries and recordable from non-recordable.

Much of the medical research done on injury recovery suggests that patients heal faster when they are encouraged to stay active. This concept has long been a cornerstone of our treatment approach at Around The Clock MD™. Our philosophy is that patients heal faster physically and emotionally if encouraged to return to a productive work status as soon as possible.

At Around The Clock MD™Urgent Care and Occupational Health Center we provide a full roster of occupational services including, but not limited to:

Additionally, Around The Clock MD™ has worked for with local governments to supply medical services to their employees such as flu shots, medical screens and annual physicals.


Why choose us?

There are many reasons for your company to select Around The Clock MD™  but what stand above the rest is our occupational and environmental medicine expertise and commitment to service in all aspects of our relationship.

Experience and expertise
We offer outstanding clinical experience and expertise in every aspect of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of work-related injuries and illnesses. Whether the need is for a specialist in burns, inhalation injuries, back injuries or rehabilitation; or an environmental health and safety expert to assess a work-site hazard, we can provide the right professional quickly and efficiently.

Customer service

Timely appointments prompt reports, and dedicated professionals reflect our high standards of customer service and responsiveness. Our “one-stop” availability of services provides you cost-effective and easy access to occupational and environmental medicine professionals and our coordination of care ensures that your employees will receive treatment in a timely, efficient manner.

Timely communication

We are committed to working with you as a member of your team. Frequent and timely communication will ensure that we understand your needs and we will strive to meet or exceed your expectations. Based on knowledge of the demands of your workplace and concern for your employees, we tailor services to your requirements.


Physical Examinations and Medical Surveillance Programs

  • Pre-placement, annual, periodic and health assessments
  • Executive health assessments
  • Travel Medicine
  • Drug Testing
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) services
  • Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) services; Employee assistance services
  • Fitness for duty examinations
  • Medical surveillance examinations
  • Occupational Lung Disease evaluation and surveillance
  • Asbestos surveillance and training programs
  • Hazmat examinations
  • Department Of Transportation (DOT) examinations
  • Busdriver examinations
  • Independent Medical Exams (IME's)
  • Occupational injury and illness care
    • Occupational illness and injury prevention education
    • Acute medical care & longitudinal medical case management
    • Disability case management
    • Occupational behavioral medicine services
  • Workplace ergonomics, safety, and environmental analyses
    • Industrial/commercial hazard analysis
    • Gas, vapor and particulate air sampling and analysis
    • Environmental sampling and analysis
    • Industrial hygiene consultations
    • IAQ assessments
    • Noise surveys and personal dosimetry
    • Accident analysis
    • Onsite services, medical, nursing
    • Ergonomic assessments and programs
  • Assistance with regulatory requirements
    • Federal and state mandated medical surveillance programs
    • Bloodborne pathogen program
    • Respirator fit testing and clearance examinations
    • Hazmat (Hazwoper)
    • Hearing conservation
    • Immunization requirements
  • Wellness and safety programs
    • Health and wellness programs
    • Safety training programs
    • Ergonomic programs




Post-Offer / Employment Physicals  

As an employer, when you hire a new employee, you put a significant amount of stock in faith that the person will just “work out.” In order to best minimize risk, many employers have turned to WORKNET Occupational Medicine to perform post-offer medical testing on their new employees. Our providers will do all the necessary testing in order to determine if your candidate is the right fit for the essential functions of the job you are asking them to do. All the body systems are evaluated with a special focus on the musculoskeletal system and previous medical history. In all cases, a baseline will be documented and in some cases, medical conditions are discovered that may preclude the candidate from employment. Communication back to the employer will occur after the candidate has completed all components of testing.

Physical Ability Testing (lift testing)
Physical Ability Testing may be indicated in conjunction with the medical post-offer test. Physical ability testing is an objective measure designed to determine if your potential candidate is capable of performing the essential functions of the job. A trained professional will visit your site, evaluate the job(s), determine the essential functions, and develop a specific Physical Ability Test. At the time of testing, each candidate is also trained and evaluated on proper body mechanics.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Physicals  

Federal regulations require drivers of certain vehicles to have a Department of Transportation (DOT) medical examination. Additionally, some states have regulations which require similar medical examinations. Around The Clock MD™ can consult with you about what physical is needed, and when. Our WORKNET providers are highly trained and educated in the ever-changing rules and regulations governing the DOT physicals, and can medically assess your employees' ability to drive or operate equipment based upon these regulations. (We also perform DOT mandated drug testing.)

School Bus Driver Physicals  

Some states require intrastate school bus drivers to undergo medical assessments. Fresno Occupational physicians are very knowledgeable about School Bus Driver Physical Examinations. The purpose of the examination is to determine the physical and mental fitness of a person to operate a school bus safely. In addition to the physical.

Return to Work  

After experiencing an injury or illness, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) permits employers to require return-to-work evaluations to determine if the employee is safe to return to their pre-injury position. By scheduling at any one of our clinics, you can feel confident that your employee will be fully evaluated and is safe to resume their pre-injury job.


Sometimes questions arise regarding an employee’s continued ability to perform their job safely. In contrast to return-to-work evaluations, a fitness-for-duty examination evaluates the ability of an at-work employee to safely perform their essential job functions on a continued basis. Working within the scope of the Americans with Disabilities Act it may be determined perhaps another job can be better aligned with the current capabilities of the employee.

OSHA Mandated Medical Exams  

Fresno Occupational Medicine Clinic is fully capable of tailoring a testing protocol for your employees based upon the OSHA standards with regard to your specific workplace exposures. Some of the OSHA standards that mandate medical exams include: respirator, hearing, lead, asbestos, blood-borne pathogen and hazardous waste & emergency response. Medical testing required by the standards can be done at our network of locations.

Medical Services

Under Insurance Code section 1871.4, it is a felony to make or cause to be made a knowingly false or
fraudulent material statement or material representation to obtain or deny compensation, as defined in Labor Code section 3207, or present or cause to be presented any knowingly false or fraudulent material statement in support of, or in opposition to, any claim for compensation to obtain or deny compensation, as defined in Labor Code section 3207. It is a crime to knowingly assist, conspire with, or solicit any person in an unlawful act of workers’ compensation insurance fraud. It is also a crime to make or cause to be made a knowingly false or fraudulent statement with regard to entitlement to benefits with the intent to discourage an injured worker from claiming benefits or pursuing a claim.
Workers’ compensation fraud may be punished by imprisonment in county jail for over one year, or in a state prison, for two to five years. A fine may also be imposed not exceeding $150,000, or double the amount of the fraud, whichever is greater. If someone is convicted of workers’ compensation fraud, the court is required to order restitution, including restitution for any medical evaluation or treatment services obtained and a convicted person may be charged the costs of the investigation at the discretion of the court. Insurance Code section 1871.5 provides that any person convicted of workers' compensation fraud pursuant to section 1871.4 or Penal Code section 550 shall be ineligible to receive or retain any compensation, as defined in Labor Code section 3207, where that compensation was owed or received as a result of a violation of section 1871.4 or Penal Code section 550 for which the recipient of the compensation was convicted.

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