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Fresno Urgent Care Doctor Kanwar Gill MD

Dr. Kanwar Partap S. Gill MD, is a experienced and Board Certified physician.

As an experienced family physician, Dr. Kanwar Gill MD focuses on developing lasting relationships with patients and empowering them to make good health care decisions. Dr. Gill expertly balances his detailed, comprehensive medical knowledge with a light-hearted, empathetic demeanor. He is a reliable partner for his patients, helping them improve their health through lifestyle changes. He uses evidence-based medicine in managing patients' chronic conditions, including women's health issues and illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol. He is adept at problem-solving and approaching health issues from a holistic standpoint, focusing on diet, exercise and lifestyle modification in addition to conventional treatments

Dr. Kanwar Gill MD works as staff physician with Around The Clock MD Urgent Care and Occupational Health Centers. Dr. Gill founded Around The Clock MD Professional Corporation in 2010 to provide the best possible care in Central California.

Dr. Kanwar Gill's practice philosophy is being a strong advocate for his patients and always working in their best interests. He keeps patients well informed about their healthcare by providing them education and unbiased information derived from evidence based medicine.


Dr. Gill has done extensive research in Disruptive Innovation in healthcare sector with a focus on :


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