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Family Medicine Physician Fresno CA

With today's hectic schedules it is often difficult to get a timely appointment with your family physician. Most physicians' offices are either not open on evenings and weekends or do not accept new patients. Visits to hospital emergency departments can be prohibitively expensive as well as time consuming. But still many people are reluctant to visit urgent care center because of concerns about the quality of care and impersonal service.

At Around The Clock MD we specialize in family medicine. Dr. Kanwar Partap S. Gill MD is in the office daily and is involved in every aspect of the operation of Around The Clock MD health centers. We have an in-house point of care lab, x-ray and will add physical therapy shortly; additionally we are right next to Quest Lab draw station for the convenience of our patients.

Well Person Exams

Going to the doctor for an exam when you are well may seem like an odd thing to do, but preventive care is being recognized as the optimal way to promote good health. Well-person exams are check-ups that focus on your overall health and medical condition, without the stress of illness. During these check-ups your doctor gets to know you, your family history and other vital facts about you that may impact your health. Your doctor may order "screening tests," to check for specific diseases. People of all ages need regular wellness check ups.

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